everything is coming up unicorn

Posted in nerdlette by nerdlette on 13 June 2008

So with the birth of the first real unicorn…planet unicorn is really blowing up!

Even the boys are getting in on the action. Who can resist a magical myth of purity, virginity, and totally unironic sparkling glory?  In these bleak and dour times, we hold dear the promise of its chastity and healing powers–Mr. Obama’s change could take the uni as its mascot.  Blasted with hyperbolic sexuality of the mainstream media, its so tempting to recur to a kind of naive juvenile lust–mysterious wonder at what lies behind the metaphors, to that moment when sex held so much potential, a limitless possibility of the unknown.

So I decided to present my favorite unicorn links…

  • My ladies at jezebel break it down best…10 points for the shout out to a unicorn vibe.
  • Time tells us the origins of unicorn myth…including the danish throne made of alicorns.
  • And we cannot fail to acknowledge the joy of planet unicorn…hey. Feathers, Cadillac and Tom Cruise, you can come by to my house and eat ambrosia salad anytime!


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