dealbreaker tattoos

Posted in Mr. Men, nerdlette by nerdlette on 15 June 2008

a much less homicidal raggedy ann

My friend E’s new beau, upon seeing her in all her nude glory for the very first time, complimented her lack of tattoos or piercings.

Apparently for this brooklyn fellow–who is in an indie rock band for a living, you would think this would be right up his alley–has maxed out on lame body art. For him, any and all markings are a dealbreaker.

This nerdlette is proudly tattooed. This my explain why (much to my chagrin) bad tattoos have never been a sufficient cockblock. The ladies at Jezebel breakdown their tattoos into fuckable and unfuckable. So I’ve decided to list the top 3 tattoos that SHOULD have been dealbreakers.

  1. Raggety ann slicing raggety andy in half with a chainsaw.
  2. Pi (the mathematical symbol) surrounded in a psychedelic cloud of green and purple.
  3. A personally created symbol that looked roughly like the aphex twin sign
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