Is America’s suburban dream collapsing? [yes]

Posted in doozersticks, this is fucking america! by nerdlette on 17 June 2008

left behind…the real version has finally caught onto new urbanism. Spun with predictably sensational tones, they warn of the coming suburban apolcalypse. [CNN]

I particularly like that they attribute a shift away from low-density track home living to television programs…

like “Seinfeld” and “Friends,” where city life is shown as being cool again — a thing to flock to, rather than flee

Yes, its not fuel costs, environmental concerns, quality of life, health, or convenience concerns that are changing American demographics. Its Must-See-TV.

If only real NY apartments looked like this…

The most dismal section is the forecasting of a destitute serf population in the suburbans turning McMansions into multi-family slums.

What is going to happen is lower and lower-middle income families squeezed out of downtown and glamorous suburban locations are going to be pushed economically into these McMansions at the suburban fringe,” said Nelson. “There will probably be 10 people living in one house.


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