the mircofame game [is it any wonder, i reject you first]

Posted in jalouse, nerdlette, this is fucking america! by nerdlette on 18 June 2008

this nerdlette had her own brush with micro [in]famy in college and it was nothing short of traumatic. So I was particularly intrigued by Rex Sorgatz’s piece in this weeks new york magazine. Sorgatz’s microcelebrity came via his ironic t-shirt company and he chronicles those constant seekers of small-scale public attention.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t exactly fame. It was more like microfame. But though I was content to let the moment pass, countless other people are trying to manufacture microfame, over and over again, to various ends—be it a book deal, a reality show, or just the simple ego gratification of having a lot of Facebook friends.

It’s easy to be cynical about this new class of celebrity. The lines between empowerment and self-promotion, between sharing and oversharing, between community and cliques, can be blurry. The point is that renown is no longer the exclusive province of a select few. Nano-celebrity is there for the taking, if you really want it. NY MAG

When I was living in LA there was this feeling that microfame was always hovering around ready to be abused when tempted by a burst of self-loathing or narcissism or boredom or laziness or vanity. Like a bottle of jagermeister sitting in the freezer, you know that if you break it out things are going to get exciting in the short term then ugly faster than you thought, with a long period of painful regret at the conclusion.

I am to this day remarkably guilty and conflicted by my own deep-seated attraction to the vile glory of fame. As much as i qualitatively know it is totally uncool, there is still this embarrassing attention-seeking voice in my head. Perhaps Dr Drew would say I am a clinical narcissist. is it any wonder that I write this blog and still go back and forth about whether to tell people it exists for fear they will see through to the underlying vanity (what we could perhaps dub the starry-eyed monster?) of its publication.

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