Fellas I am bout ready to get up and do my thing [yeah]

Posted in artlies, jalouse, this is fucking america! by nerdlette on 23 June 2008

Take it to the bridge now [yeah]

There is no such thing as a bad world in which, for a mere 5,000 US$, you can own a  SEX jumpsuit from the godfather of soul.

This reminds me of going to see Diplo play a few days before New Years 2007. As the set was winding down, Diplo played a few James Brown tracks and the DJ gave a series of shout outs to the Godfather of soul, who had just died that day.

Give it up for James Brown, y’all. James fucking Brown!

Crowd g0es wild

Godfather of soul, James Brown, rest in peace we will miss you

Louder crowd cheering

Then another DJ gets up on the mic:

And give it up for Gerald R. Ford, rest in peace man!

Dead silence

(apologetically) He seemed like a nice guy…

Diplo back on the mic:

James Brown, y’all James Brown

Crowd goes wild again.


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