She’s crafty and she’s just my style [its better on vinyl]

Posted in doozersticks, nerdlette by nerdlette on 24 June 2008

This nerdlette may rent and is a lousy housekeeper, and absorption with home decor is in direct conflict with her espoused rejection of the cult of domesticity, but darn does she love interior design materials.

Just yesterday I stumbled upon a CB2 store (who knew they weren’t just a catalogue!) and wandered in aimless revelry, just admiring the shapes and colors.

i occasionally even finding myself committing the grave sin of thinking about the application of an artist technique to home decor.

Wouldn’t this murakami wallpaper look fun in a bathroom? Also, for a man that regularly collaborates with fashion designers you would think he could find a belt to keep his pants up.

Vinyl wall work has also often come to mind…

But I have been ridden from my guilt by who is teaching how to apply vinyl wall hangings for home decor purposes.

This is so going up in my next apartment.

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