Sizzle like bacon [hot stuff]

Posted in nerdlette, nom, this is fucking america! by nerdlette on 7 July 2008

Each and every prior attempt at being a vegetarian has been foiled by the same dastardly foe:


Its sick actually but I absolutely love the stuff.

So I was feeling quite redeemed when I found this Salon article about American Bacon Mania.

Anthony Bourdain has called bacon the “gateway protein” for its astounding ability to lure vegetarians back to the carnivorous fold…

The celebration of bacon is at its most basic a guilty fetishization of all that is unhealthy, unethical, and undoubtedly delicious. Its an out growth of the American puritanical relationship with food. (and really anything pleasurable–just to provide a counterpoint imagine a french adolescent tacking a stella artoise poster up in his bedroom, comical eh?)

In the aftermath of this most American of long weekends, I must also acknowledge Hepola’s insightful observation that the pig is America’s true mascot.

The turkey is the unofficial mascot of Americana, the 20-pound plumper we dutifully cook on our most sacred of national holidays. But really, it should be the pig. Bacon is our national meat. The pig is not an elegant animal, but it is smart and resourceful and fated to wallow in mud. A scavenger. A real scrapper.


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