The Jump [rotoscope]

Posted in artlies, this is fucking america! by nerdlette on 10 July 2008

Its temporal mode is the psychological one of anticipation. We wait for each dive, knowing more or less when it will appear, yet each time it startles us, and each time it disappears before we can really take satisfaction in it, so we wait for its next appearance; again we are startled and again it eludes us. In each of Goldstein’s films, performances, photographs, and phonograph records, a psychologized temporality is instituted: foreboding, premonition, suspicion, anxiety.

Douglas Crimp “Pictures” October, Vol. 8 (Spring, 1979) pp. 75-88.

jack Goldstein

The Jump, 1978

13.2 mb (MP4)
USA, 0′ 51″

According to the New York Times, death can be a canny career move.


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