judith [head of the class]

Posted in artlies, nerdlette by nerdlette on 29 July 2008

Prior posts on fierce historical figures reminded me of one my favorite biblical bad girls: Judith. This story was first told to my by my mother as a child, because she shares the same first name. In retrospect this was a bit gory to be telling a little kid but anyway….

Her story goes like this:

Judy is a Jewish widow living in an occupied Israel. Pissed that her countrymen are doing nothing to expel the conquerors, she decides to take things into her own hands. She flirts hardcore with the Assyrian general Holohernes. One night Holo gets wasted, invites Judy into his tent and the promptly passes out. (we have so all been there). Judy takes this opportunity to decapitate him. With their leader gone the Assyrians disperse and Israel is saved.


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