kelly ripa [evil?]

Posted in nerdlette, this is fucking america!, whipping girl by nerdlette on 2 July 2008

Kelly embodies a kind of desperate and psychotic desire for approval and perfection that I think is endemic to the contemporary American female condition. And my ingrained response is just to want to kick her and her hyper-perfect power mom shins.


OMFG [gossip girl boys]

Posted in artlies, jalouse, pic a day by nerdlette on 26 June 2008

ok, i am not one for spreading mean-spirited celebrity gossip, but this just seemed way to hot an idea not to post.

According to the remarkably unreliable Perez Hilton, gossip girl stars chase crawford and ed westwick (whose band I totally accidentally missed on tuesday because I pooped out of an afterparty-damnit) are engaged in a romantic relationship.

Its probably BS. But damn, what that it were true…

as my friend D. said on tuesday…”my loins are burning”

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