Bills Bills Bills [trifling]

Posted in artlies, jalouse, nerdlette by nerdlette on 27 August 2008

I didn’t post for a long long time.

because I had 2 jobs at once!

now I have one job

well mostly just one job

so now i can post

some beyonce


Movin on Up [actually downtown]

Posted in nom, this is fucking america!, whipping girl by nerdlette on 4 August 2008

this nerdlette officially moved from job one to job two today. no longer will I be making epic commutes to the land of bad facelifts and 7 dollar trailmix.

No today I enjoyed amazing handmade pork dumplings for a mere $1 for 5. They were incredible.

Chinatown I salute you and your economical deliciousness.

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