Good news Upper East Siders, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Posted in jalouse by nerdlette on 5 June 2008

NYT’s The Moment blog uncovers a style dispersion from my favorite TV villain-ess, Blair Waldorf. [NYT on Blair and Ali]

It seems the preternaturally middle-aged Ali Lohan has taken on her trademark headbands.

they may share burning ambition, but Ali doesn’t hold a candle to Blair’s ingenious scheming and artful power plays.

I love Blair Waldorf. Not only do I totally over-identify with her, she makes me hopeful.

Everytime you see a smart, ambitious, and attractive woman, particularly a young woman in American media, you can guarantee that she is going to be punished. She is often portrayed as evil or conniving and gets her just comeuppance or her powerful exterior hides a lonely, desperate shrew.

In an era saturated with heroic fables, its hard to ignore the cautionary parable of the overly powerful woman being blasted at every outlet. And its even harder to ignore a strange underlying fear that if you feel like you embody that archetype you are destined to get taken down.

(I’ll talk about the little mermaid one day…that warrants its own post)

What I love about Blair, is that she is brilliant, ambitious, and conniving–but she is also a steadfast friend and a genuine romantic. In fact, she’s downright likable. Her schemes often lead to some serious pitfalls, but she is never scorned without the possibility of redemption. In fact, Blair invariably picks herself up and takes back what is rightfully hers (men, popularity, academic success) with the same powers she used achieve those things in the first place.

you know you love me. xoxo gossip ‘lette