its galactic [boogie woogie]

Posted in doozersticks, nerdlette by nerdlette on 9 July 2008

I received a promotional offer today from Virgin America to attend the premier roll-out of Virgin Galactic’s amazing spaceship launch vehicle – the WhiteKnight (WK2) “mothership”.

The whole thing gives me the heebie jeebies. I am by no means afraid of flying, in fact I quite enjoy the whole experience–airport included. I love sci fi and NOVA specials. Yet for no real reason the idea of actual spaceflight gives me a straight up panic attack.

Virgin Galactic is upsetting on some really primal level and I really don’t know why…any thoughts?

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Jesse Bransford [with a name like that]

Posted in artlies, nerdlette by nerdlette on 9 July 2008

Well this one doesn’t really count in terms of names…but I am remarkably fond of this image.

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, 2008

Acrylic, watercolor and graphite on paper.

74×43.5 in.
Collection of the Artist.

Courtesy of Feature, Inc. and his blog.

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